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iPray with the Gospel

Jesus said to Simon: “Simon, I have something to say to you” (Lk 7:40). And we could change the name and write yours: “John, Catherine, George, Mark, Agnes … I have something to say to you.” Because God created you to talk to you, to be your Friend. And to grow that friendship with Jesus you need time of prayer.

The Gospel can be considered a Manual of Prayer, a letter written by the Holy Spirit to you. But God’s Word doesn’t live in a book. It comes alive when you pray about It. It is not about getting to know what the ‘Historical Jesus’ did two thousand years ago, what He said “back then”; Jesus Christ is not ‘back then’ anymore, He is alive, and is longing to talk to you.

Taking the Gospel of the day, the iPray provides a commentary that can be a trigger for an authentic and personal conversation with Jesus. That time of prayer spent with Jesus is like a ‘cooking pot’ in which you blend the Words and scenes of Jesus’ life, found in the Gospel, together with your daily life, your worries, your family and friends, all heated up by the fire of the Holy Spirit.

iPray with the Gospel’ is not a ready-made meal you can just throw in the microwave, as if they were some prayers that you read and that’s it. It is more like a personal recipe that only you can cook with the help of the Holy Spirit.

And with this recipe, as the rat Remy said in the film Ratatoulle: “anyone can cook”.


About me

Rev. George Boronat M.D. S.T.D is a Catholic priest from the Prelature of Opus Dei, working in the Archdiocese of Southwark in London. He is the Chaplain of The Cedars School in Croydon, and of Kelston Club & Study Centre (Balham). He also works in Oakwood School (Purley) and has developed his pastoral ministry mainly with young people.